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But even so, for parents looking for a way to keep tabs on their child’s phone activity, Pumpic has a lot to offer.House Party is the latest app you’ll want to have on your radar.This infographic talks you through six of the main social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In and Pinterest – with advice on each one so that you don’t leave yourself wide open to illicit activity.I added Pumpic to my list of parental control solutions several months ago but wanted to return for a more thorough review.

With many teenagers highly active on several social platforms, parents might justifiably be concerned about the people with whom they’re interacting and whether they are naively sharing sensitive information on social media.While Live streaming apps let you transmit to the masses, House Party is different in that these are closed conversations.Well, sort of – and that is where you might want to be aware of how House Party works before you determine if it’s a good choice for your tween or teen.You might be concerned about the content your child sees when surfing the web.You might be concerned about too much screen time and want to set limits.

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