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Little has remained to enlighten academics and archeologists about the early mythological sources, and controversial archeological finds that run against the grain of orthodox thought tend to be side-lined or ignored by academics keen to maintain their credibility. The genocide that took part in those early days of European colonial conquest ran in parallel with a purist drive to eradicate ancient pagan knowledge.Even if the ancients of South and Central America knew of Nibiru, how could we find out?

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As amazing as it may seem, some artifacts that have been unearthed in Bolivia, in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, are , and partly because of the potential for hoaxed archeological finds.(This Mayan stella shows a fiery god embracing the Sun.It has all the hallmarks of a Winged Disc whose identity is evidently not solar in origin.The secret knowledge of the Dark Star appears to be widespread within esoteric literature, as I have discovered over the last few years.It often takes the form of an anomalous symbol connected with 7 stars, and featured as a counterpart to the Sun and Moon , for we find in platonic circles the concept of the existence of two suns, one being the normal astronomical sun and the other being a so-called "hypercosmic" sun located beyond the sphere of the fixed stars."; There dwells the true god and his consort. The symbol was thereafter adopted by all the peoples of the ancient world and evolved to the ubiquitous emblem of the Winged Disc.

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