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Think of the terrible things done by religion, like the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church.

They try to disturb the funerals of heroes because they think God hates everybody. Religious people can’t justify why they do things like this.

If you’re American, it’s probably a bland Protestant denomination like the Episcopalians or something.

The guy whose central examples of religion are Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama is probably going to have a different perception of religion than the guy whose central examples are Torquemada and Fred Phelps.

People have already been inoculated against religion.

After all that time spent apologizing and defending themselves and distancing themselves from other religious people, they’re not likely to be able to make a very rousing argument for religion. In Cowpox of Doubt, I mention the inoculation effect.

When people see a terrible argument for an idea get defeated, they are more likely to doubt the idea later on, even if much better arguments show up.

Put this in the context of people attacking the Westboro Baptist Church.

You see the attacker win a big victory over “religion”, broadly defined.

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