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In this post, I want to explain why bcrypt is slow, some misconceptions about using fast hashes, and where the real strength of bcrypt lies (hint- it's not speed).

First, when people are talking about using bcrypt for password hashing, they are referring to the bcrypt cryptographic key derivation function, designed by Niels Provos and David Mazières.

Bcrypt is designed to be intentionally slow and expensive.

It was designed specifically with password storage in mind. According to the paper, the core bcrypt function in pseudocode is as follows: bcrypt(cost, salt, input) state = Eks Blowfish Setup(cost, salt, input) ctext = "Orphean Beholder Scry Doubt" //three 64-bit blocks repeat (64) ctext = Encrypt ECB(state, ctext) //encrypt using standard Blowfish in ECB mode return Concatenate(cost, salt, ctext) Eks Blowfish Setup(cost, salt, key) state = Init State() state = Expand Key(state, salt, key) repeat (2^cost) // exponential cost by powers of 2 state = Expand Key(state, 0, key) state = Expand Key(state, 0, salt) return state In the "Eks Blowfish Setup", you'll notice the "repeat" step uses a binary exponential parameter.

Website: https://github.com/ncb000gt/node.bcrypt.js/ Before we get into the code, let’s identify some objectives/requirements in our initial username/password authentication implementation: Even if you aren’t too familiar with Mongoose schemas and models, the code below should be fairly easy to follow.

Step 3: Password Verification Now that we have our User model and we’re hashing passwords, the only thing left is to implement password verification.Stay tuned for Part 2, in which we’ll discuss preventing brute-force attacks by enforcing a maximum number of failed login attempts.Jeremy Martin is the creator of (recently launched) Dev Smash.com, a software developer and Open Source Evangelist at his day job, a contributor, Mongo DB fan boy, and husband to the greatest gal on the planet. From the Mongoose Git Hub repo: “Mongoose is a Mongo DB object modeling tool designed to work in an asynchronous environment.” In other words, Mongoose provides a model layer for interacting with your Mongo DB collections from Node.This model layer provides a common location for implementing document validation, persistence indirection, and other logic that should be abstracted from the business layer. If you’re not familiar with bcrypt and why it’s a good thing, then I highly recommended Coda Hale’s excellent article on how to safely store a password.

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