Consolidating data warehouse tables

Abandoned After Threshold A key performance indicator (KPI) measuring number of calls disconnected after waiting in queue beyond a previously established time threshold.

It is important to measure versus calls where immediate customer hang-ups do not reflect an adequate opportunity for performance.

Agent Availability Often conveyed as a percentage, agent availability is a measure of the time that Brand Specialists are available to accept inbound calls.

Agent Occupancy The amount of time a Brand Specialist is actively in talk time or after-call work versus idle (waiting for a call), frequently expressed as a percentage.

Automatic Dialer (Autodialer) A phone system used to dial outbound calls from a call list, and route the answered calls to Brand Specialists.

Automatic Number Identification (ANI) A protocol for providing phone number information to a receiving phone system, such as an automatic call distributor (ACD).

ANI essentially functions as caller ID, often delivered via tonal frequencies carried over the phone line.

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Average Contacts Per Hour The number of contacts that a Brand Specialist handles divided by the number of hours the Brand Specialist works.Abandoned Before Threshold A key performance indicator (KPI) measuring number of calls disconnected before reaching a previously established time threshold. Activity Codes Codes that indicate the state of a Brand Specialist that are usually initiated by the Brand Specialist. Adherence Also known as compliance, adherence measures the ability of a Brand Specialist to stay committed to his or her schedule.Abandoned Call A phone call that has been received by a call center’s communications switch, but is terminated by the caller before any conversation begins Abandonment Rate The percentage of callers who hang up before a Brand Specialist answers, or before they make a selection in an interactive voice response (IVR) unit. Also used to measure the Brand Specialist’s ability to adhere to a script, message, policy, practice or process as trained.For instance, a recording will direct the caller to press one for customer service, press two to place an order and then connect them to the party they have chosen. Automated Greeting A prerecorded salutation that plays automatically when a call is answered.Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) A specialized phone system used for handling incoming calls.

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