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She works out of her home in Englewood now, and her mother, the adorably dubbed Marge Sr., is one of her employees. Siggy takes the ladies to dinner at a steakhouse, and is so obnoxiously loud that she embarrasses Teresa. She embarrasses At breakfast the next morning, the one and only Danielle makes her Season Eight debut. Or at least are fervently hoping that it will be so.) Danielle brings up a shocking crime story from earlier this year in which two bodies were found murdered and burned inside a car owned by the Kim De Paola, aka Kim D., aka the Notorious K. (He's fine and was not involved.) Danielle feels for Kim, but at the same time, it’s Kim, whom she blames for setting her up to have her hair ripped out of her head at a North Jersey country club in Season 2.Everyone is happy to see her except Dolores: “Am I the only one who thinks she’s crazy and could be a problem? Danielle neglects to mention that prior to the weave-ripping, Danielle had been chased through the country club by a maniacally screaming Teresa, and that Ashlee Holmes, erstwhile star Jacqueline’s Laurita’s daughter, did said ripping. I got involved.” “If that’s the last time you saw Kim D., God bless you,” Melissa says, which leads to some frostiness with Siggy, who is apparently still friends with Kim D.Their father Giacinto is heartbroken, and there are several poignant moments of him shuffling around his house as his children are packing up years of memories.The death of her mother is, of course, devastating to Teresa, and it also shakes her up a bit in regard to her relationship with her husband Joe, now serving a 41-month sentence in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud—and whose laissez-faire accounting and criminally creative financial documentation also led to Teresa’s year-long prison stint in 2015.Siggy has also invited her pal Margaret to share some meals because she’s going to be in town for business.Margaret is a home decor magnate with a “Lilly Pulitzer on crack” aesthetic who is now branching into clothing and shoes, and who comes to us by way of one of Siggy's pals.about this." Vintage Danielle—brassy, casually vulgar and perhaps the antidote to way too many seasons of rehashed feuds and rehearsed ripostes."This," in case you're wondering, is a sex spray prosthelytized by newbie Margaret Josephs, the pig-tailed housewares doyenne with a pantry full of snark.

She reveals to the ladies that her husband asked her to dial back her promotional appearances.Margaret reveals she left her husband of 17 years for her contractor Joe, now her husband.It was apparently tres scandaleux for provincial Tenafly. Kim’s son had lent it to one of the victims, a friend, but for a few hours after Kim was notified that her car was a murder scene, she couldn’t locate her son.“I’m going to take back the word never.” Ding-dong! We are treated to a montage of Danielle and Teresa’s greatest hits (“ENGAGED 19 TIMES??? Over wine and Chinese food, Siggy suggests a getaway to help Melissa celebrate her upcoming birthday and to give Teresa a much-deserved break.Teresa gets a flower delivery, and it’s from Danielle! They’re headed to Siggy’s old stomping grounds of Boca Raton, where she raised her babies and where her best friends and plastic surgeons (note the plural) still live.

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