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The theory is so in-depth and intense that you should absolutely read Outlast's blog post to get every gritty detail, but here is the basic outline: The theory stems from a reference Spencer made in episode 3x12 to a popular '90s movie called ? "She wrote a murder mystery novel to cover up a crime that she was about to commit. )The theory goes on to point out countless times Spencer was team sketch.

It was actually kind of genius."Well, five years later in season 6b, Charlotte has been murdered and Spencer revealed that it was done in a way similar to that of a murder she described in one of her college essays. Like how she was the only one that could have drugged Emily in episode 3x12.

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“It’s helpful,” Astley said, in attempting to cope with the loss of his only child.People spilled out of the First Parish sanctuary, into the church basement and onto the lawn.The service was broadcast into a church across the street, which absorbed the overflow crowd.After the murder, Lauren’s father, Malcolm Astley, expressed ongoing concern for Fujita’s parents.He hugged them after jurors announced his conviction, acknowledging that they, too, had lost a child.

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