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“I really wasn’t surprised.” Lexus, whose grandmother and mother, Kelsey, were both teen moms, is gearing up to welcome a child with her boyfriend Shayden — but Kelsey is doubtful they’re prepared for the huge responsibility that is parenthood.“I never thought I’d be here, with my daughter being 15 and pregnant,” Kelsey, 31, admits in the trailer. PEOPLE can exclusively announce that the network is premiering the new six-episode series next month, following the lives of three pregnant teens who are all the children of teen mothers themselves — and in one instance, the grandchild of a teen mom, marking three generations of teen pregnancy in one family.In the exclusive trailer above, viewers are introduced to Lilly, 16, Mc Kayla, 16, and Lexus, 15.(Los Angeles, CA) – SINGLE DAD SEEKING…(working title) follows five single fathers working hard to raise their kids.As they strive to provide the ideal lives for their sons and daughters, they each feel that a critical piece of their family is missing.

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I like to pick out a gazelle and I like to track her down. Shondo goes on to say that he’s hoping to find a partner in crime and to find someone that he can ultimately share his life with, but she better know how to do the “whirly dirly.” “If she does the whirly dirly [kiss], she’s a keeper,” he says. it’s just one of those things that was set in place when I was in kindergarten and I tried it out in 3rd grade and hell, it’s been working ever since.” “When it comes down to women, I’m like Baskin-Robbins: I like all 31 flavors,” he adds.

Amanda, 29, walks into the room with striking red hair while wearing a tight blue bodycon dress.

But once the pair lock lips, Shondo seems pleased and does an upside down fist pump and confirms, “Whirly dirly.” The series takes a different spin on dating.

Jake (from Provo, Utah) Jake was born and raised in Utah along with his 12 brothers and sisters. Jake is hoping to make it work with Ami, a high school science teacher from Fort Lee New Jersey.

Mike (from Orlando, Florida) Mike was born and raised in New Jersey.

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