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And from the flower beds, a lit-up polar bear and burlap squirrel were stolen, he said.Both times he reported the thefts to police, Emme said.It’s a Thursday night at one of a half-dozen hot spots at the 20,000-acre Central Florida complex called The Villages, the largest gated retirement community in America – and one of the most popular destinations for New Yorkers in their golden years – where the female-to-male ratio runs 10 to 1.It’s a widower’s paradise, and the word on the street is that there’s a big black market for Viagra.She’s simply the best.” His story was told by Andrew Blechman, author of “Leisureville,” about communities like The Villages.“There is lots of romance around here,” said Jean, a 63-year-old retired teacher.After the neighbor reported what she saw to police, officers took a 42-year-old woman into custody and got a search warrant for her house on the 3100 block of Brighton Street, which they executed Friday morning.After entering the house about 6 a.m., officers found Easter, Halloween and Christmas decorations, lawn ornaments, wreaths, strings of lights, garlands, and holiday signs that said “Merry Christmas” and “Let it snow,” Rosenbaum said.

“Whatever you know about 20-year-olds, it’s the same with seniors,” said Roselyn Shelley, 68, a divorced former dancer.

“But most of the men want a one-night meaningful relationship.” Her friend Louise agrees.

“A lot of the men down here are cheaper than heck,” she says, “and a lot of the women are extremely brazen.

Sue Rice, a blonde who will only admit to being over 60 but who looks to be about 80 and dances like she’s 14, has hooked up with Larry Tucker, an ex-banker about a decade her junior. ” According to Alan, a swarthy 62-year-old, there’s a thriving black market for little blue Viagra pills. “I paid 12 bucks for a single pill.” Local cops just try to keep up.

Tucker sports a gold charm around his neck that reads, “Bankers do it with interest.” “Feel this,” Rice says, bouncing up from her bar stool and pinching her slim waist. “You see two 70-year-olds with canes fighting over a woman and you think, ‘Oh, jeez,’ ” Lt.

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