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Obesity and emocity do not mix.'Adult Goths refer to the Emos disdainfully as 'the spooky kids' or 'moshers'.The Emo song, by the American band Adam And Andrew, has cult status on the internet, appearing on many personal websites.For those of us who have lived through Siouxsie And The Banshees and the Rocky Horror Show, the look is depressingly retro.

Dye in my hair and polish on my toes, I must be an Emo.One governor of a famous boarding school told me that it was as serious a problem as binge drinking, but rarely discussed for fear of encouraging more girls to do it.Although it is invariably described as a 'secret shame', there is actually a streak of exhibitionism about it.Emos exchange competitive messages on their teenage websites about the scars on their wrists and how best to display them.Girls' secondary schools have for some time been concerned about the increase in self harm.

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