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You can get the latest version from https://addons.Linky 3.0 removes support for Thunderbird and thus the Mail News component in Sea Monkey. Install Linky for Seamonkey 2.1 : linky-3.0.0Install Linky for Seamonkey 2.0: linky-2.8.0Install Linky for Seamonkey (Suite Runner Compatible): linky-271" format.

Autofill Forms BBCode Xtra Bug Me Not Check4Change Clippings Copy Plain Text Copy URL desk Cut Drag And Drop Upload Fetch Text URL Fire Form Firesizer 1.4 Fuller Screen Gcache Greasemonkey Image Zoom Jump Link Link Alert Link Status Link Visitor3 Linky Make Link No Redirect No Squint Nuke Anything Enhanced refspoof Reload Every Remove Cookie(s) for Site Remove it Permanently Resizable Textarea Resurrect Pages Secure Login Show Anchors Stylish text/plain Text Zoom Tiny Url Creator Toggle Word Wrap User Agent Switcher Video Download Helper Zombie Keys about:robots Cookie Swap Der Browser Timer Dictionary Switcher Diggler Fav Loc FEBE Flag Fox Image Shack right-click Info Lister LCD Clock Menu Editor Net Usage Item Paste and Go Password Exporter Proxy Button Quick Note rikaichan Save As Image (Abduction) Tidy Browser Button Vacuum Places Improved View Source in Tab New: about:robots 1.3, Context Search 0.4.6, Execute JS, Clippings 3.1.7, FEBE, Fire FTP 2.0.4, Abduction 3.0.14, Tab Stats 0.0.3, JSView 2.0.8, Greasemonkey, Duplicate This Tab 1.2, Organize Status Bar 0.6.5, dragdropupload 1.9.38, Firesizer 1.4, Secure Login 0.9.9pre, Info Lister 0.10.4, Copy URL Plus 1.3.2, Linky 3.0.0, Download Statusbar, Fav Loc 1.2.1, Favicon Picker 2, Check Places 2.4.4, Remove it Permanently, Load Control 0.3, Check Places is a Firefox extension that allows you to check your bookmarks in different ways.

Highlights links to the following: New Windows, Secure Sites, Email Links, Javascript, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF Files, Zip Files, Applications, Text Files, Images, RSS Feeds, and more...

Link Alert FAQ Link Alert Test Page Install Link Alert for Seamonkey (Suite Runner Compatible): link_alert- Status is a Firefox extension which shows a star icon on the status bar when the mouse cursor is over a link to a bookmarked or visited page.

No Squint is a Firefox extension that allows you to adjust the default text zoom level, which is very useful if you have a small display or run at a very high resolution.

No Squint also optionally remembers the zoom level per domain.

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