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Though half of all American marriages contracted since 1970 will end in divorce, the man who would be king in the business world was expected to remain wed to the princess who floated down the aisle, a white cloud on her father’s arm, the day after graduation. Gusty change is finally rattling the windows of the nation’s most conservative secular institution, the corporation.Chief executives set the tone for acceptable behavior in their companies, and though the majority are still on their first marriages, a growing minority have discovered serial monogamy.“There’s no longer a prejudice against divorce and remarriage—almost the reverse. ” (It should be mentioned that in the corporate stratosphere, the phenomenon of divorce still pertains largely to men: The two women CEOs of 500 companies, Katharine Graham of the Washington Post Co.In some cases the man with the old, nice, matronly first wife is looked down on. and Linda Wachner of Warnaco, are both widows.) Powerful men are beginning to demand trophy wives.If you’ve ever wondered why Carolyne Roehm’s ,000 evening gowns don’t look the same on your spouse as they do on her, the answer is that she fits every piece of her collection on herself.

Says Linda Robinson, 36, who is both the second wife of American Express Chairman James Robinson, 53, and the chief executive of Robinson Lake Lerer & Montgomery, a public relations firm: “How can the board of directors pass over a divorced candidate for CEO?As Nancy Brinker, 42, size 10 and 6 feet tall with her boots on, puts it candidly: “Trying to stay precious is not easy.I work out one hour a day at aerobics, I diet rigorously, and I play polo with my husband.They feel they’ve earned it, they’re entitled to it.” The Eighties have seen the rise of the celebrity CEO, who owes his fame to his fortune.Management buyouts have made new millionaires and billionaires of people like John Kluge, Ronald Perelman, and Saul Steinberg. ” asks Michael Thomas, the social critic and author of and other Wall Street romans à clef. ” The more money men make, the argument goes, the more self-assured they become, and the easier it is for them to think: I Enter the second wife: a decade or two younger than her husband, sometimes several inches taller, beautiful, and very often accomplished.

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    Dating is complicated — no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation.

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