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He's been telling everyone, 'There's more to life than relationships and I want to be single.'" Mc Coy reportedly has already moved out of the Los Angeles home she shared with Padalecki. She really didn't see it coming," the source revealed further.

Thomas Colton Padalecki was 8lb 6oz.[2] In fandom tradition, Gen, #Welcome Padababy, #Papa Padalecki, #Uncle Jensen and #Thomas Colton Padalecki all trended on Twitter.

An aspiring, good-looking young actor, after getting a few noteworthy roles in indie films, TV shows, or their home country under his or her belt, will be chosen by a studio to be the "Next Big Thing" (or "It Girl" if female) and will thus get a major headlining role. Men's/women's interest magazines will be lining up to offer them a sexy photo shoot. At worst, they will be in rehab, unemployment lines, and "Where Are They Now? Sometimes, even if they're successful, the actors may get overwhelmed and suffer public burn-outs, become typecast or too associated with a particular role, or simply reject Hollywood for a normal life.

They'll immediately appear in celebrity magazines and on entertainment programs and be touted as the Next Big Thing, and they'll give interviews in every medium possible. They'll show up to host 's list of the 50 Most Beautiful People and, if they're female, the "Top 100 Hottest Women" list of any men's magazine. The Hollywood Hype Machine is very fickle, but has a never-ending supply of willing young stars and starlets ready to take the place of the old one.

The "House of Wax" actor is reported to have ended his engagement to longtime girlfriend Sandra Mc Coy.

Padalecki confirmed his engagement to Mc Coy, a dancer and actress, in late March. On him calling off his engagement to Mc Coy, the Star quoted a source as saying, "Now that Jared is starring in Friday the 13th he's starting to see that his career could really take off and he doesn't want a wife to hold him back from becoming a major star." The source went on adding, "He's really ambitious and wants to be very successful.

They have been spotted at the Friday the 13th premiere together, Asylum 3 Birmingham convention and at rome airport in April 2009.

I don't think it will ever be possible to work on a set, again, where there's just so much passion for the project, so much pull for it.

Do you believe in the supernatural or extraterrestrial life? I’ve never had any personal experiences, but it’s a big world, and it’s hard to believe we’re the only things around. We clicked pretty much off the bat – we have similar interests in sports, and we’re Texas boys, so we’re both laid-back.

I’m sure there are other people like us, or a bizzarro Earth. We like to eat good food, have a good beer, hang out and have a good time.

Being that Beau Bauman and Jeff Wadlow were, of sorts, first-time director and producer for a feature film [about Cry Wolf (2005)].

This is especially handy when the fickle viewing audience turns on a big-name actor with star power, or Real Life Writes the Plot and they do something scandalous.

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