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OBOITE but i have being hearing and seeing his wonderful deeds on people's life.. Regular Massage of the back and physiotherapy is another important thing to be done for treating Slipped Disc. warm milk is mandatory for countering the heat of ashwagandha. At the same time may I ask what health effects would be there on taking my daily dose of kalaunji? As compared to black cumin ashwagandha is more effective. Regards Herbpathy Research Team ( Make Life Healthy ) Dear Geetanjali bajaj PLease be specific why do you wish to use this combination?

Its oil extract is used to treat Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis. Herbal Tea prepared from its seeds is a good herbal remedy for Digestive Disorders. You can also reach him on his email: [email protected] reach him on his cell phone or add him to Whats App 2348070666383 He also special on curing 1... Regards Herbpathy Research Team( Make Life Healthy ) Though i haven't meet DR. It is this compound, which prevents the leakage of jelly like fluid from the slipped disc. You may buy it in capsule form, it is readily available in the market or over internet. Try ashwagandha powder (1 tablespoon) with warm milk daily for a month and see the results yourself. Are the commercially available powders from different well known reputed pharmaceutical companies ok, or some specific brand? Only then, we would be able to provide you with an appropriate cure.

Mix them well and have it with a glass of warm water. Once in the morning on an empty stomach and once in the evening, just before going to bed. This fruit helps to improve the digestion and is known to reduce weight. It is advised to consult your health care provider before taking any Herb. Dear Sunil We do not deal in sales or purchase of any herb or herbal product. The dentists claim I have good teeth and gums yet the odour is still there in my breath. Would you recommend black seed to me and how do I apply it. You may also swish your mouth twice a day by the decoction prepared by Guava leaves. Hi Madam/sir I heard that combination of fenugreek seeds , black cumin seeds and ajwain seeds powder intake with warm water at the night time will detox the body and best treatment for all diseases, I am having 5months baby and I'm suffering from leukoderma since 27 years Can I have the above mentioned treatment Plz guide me Sushma. Add a few strands of Saffron in your glass of milk. Drink a cup of Liquorice tea, every day for a week. Were you recently suffering from any disease like fever, infection ? Pease explain the entire problem in detail My wife is of Hypothyroid since last four yrs Now we have been advised to take Kaala jeera seed oil. Pl inform the exact dose of Kaala jeera seed oil Your reply is awaited. For high Bp, take Giloy decoction, one glass every morning. kala jeera is good to have one suggest me it good for improve sex life. (not a kalunji ) it call black cumin tell its good for weight the loss if yes. -- Add 5 drops of essential oil of clove in 50 ml of chameli oil ( Jasmine ) .

Hi am an adult of 48yrs, I have a problem of low spermatogenesis count and the sperm get tired quickly, round head as per the tests I took sometime ago. Take 10 drops of this tincture in a glass of water, daily for one month. You can buy this herb online or any near-by herbal store. This will increase the mobility of the sperms as well as your sperm count. I do not advise you to take any bitter herb since you are breastfeeding your baby. I am physically and mentally fit, I am having sex with my wife ? Buy Ginseng Siberian capsules, eat one capsule every day for 15 days. Gururaj If she is already taking allopathic medicine for the same, then you need to specific the name. For Diabetes, take Berberis Vulgaris tincture, 5 drops added to a glass of water every day for 15 days. Please tell me how to use daily for weight loose and if for sex life.. Massage your Penis with this oil for 10 min every day for one month.-- Take one Capsule of Land Caltrops on alternative Days.-- Buy Crocus Sativa Tincture and take 10 drops daily.

Prepare a fine powder of the following herbs and store in a vessel: Gymnema Sylvestre 50 mg Dried Bitter Gourd 50 mg Fenugreek Seeds 50 mg Nigella seeds ( Black Cumin ) 50 mg Dried Black Plum ( Jamun )50 mg Black Pepper 25 mg Consume ¼ tablespoon powder along with a cup of Soy Milk or Butter Milk ( Lassi ) on an empty stomach.

As I do not know about her body type or actual condition. If anyone suffering from cold allergy related to Histamine receptor,will Kaala jeera(Black cumin) seed effective for him/her? lastly pls let me know probable side effects of it,if any............ Is there any medicine available to cure this problem. Also, take Saffron in the tincture form- Crocus Sativa is the name. Initially, try these Herbs for a week, if they suit you, then you may continue to take them for a month. I have been suffering from halitosis for many years now. As m suffering from respiratory problem sync 2 yrs reports are showing my lungs pipes are narrow as v say congestion...

Kad nepraleisti savo brangaus laiko žiūrėdami video, kuris nepatiko daugumai žiūrovų, mes padarėme reitingą, pagal kurį galima spręsti, žiūrėti šį video, ar ne. 2.0-2.9 - siaubas, nepatariu žiūrėti 3.0-3.9 - Nepatiko didesnei daliai auditorijos, žiūrėti neverta taip galvoja dauguma kino gerbėjų.

Pagal naudotojų vertinimą gali būti suskirstyti pagal šią skalę: 1.1-1.9 - blogiau nėra, gėda žiūrėti.

This will improve the sperm count and sperm motility. Check for the quality and the authenticity of the product and the seller before you buy. The herb is available in the form of powder or capsule. Eat 5 to 8 Shizandra berries everyday, for a month. The best thing for curing premature grey hair is Apply Bhringraaj oil, twice in a week. Once, you are done nursing your baby, then I think you can start by using Babchi oil or seeds. I get married 4 years ago and have a girl baby of 2 years old. Most of the time, it could not go longer and its maximum 8-10 mins. This is going to be a strange question, but I have a dairy goat that has an infected udder. The herb for you is Mayayograj Guggul capsules, eat one capsule every day for a month. Kyolic is the name of the aged Garlic, It is very effective for blood clots. Also, you can reduce weight by drinking Apple Cider Vinegar everyday with warm water for 2 months. Apply a cold compress to the area above the eyelid and see if this helps. You may continue to take Kalonji the way you have been taking it. Make a fine powder of 1 cup of Black Cumin, 1 cup of Mustard seeds, 2/3 cup of rind Pomegranate and ½ cup of Shahtara ( Fumaria Indica) and collect in a vessel. Hello am Elena Smith i want to tell the public about the good work of Doctor William, i was cured from Herpes Genital by this great Doctor without stress i just only took the herbal medicine he prepared for me in just fourteen[14]days i was totally cured confirmed by my Doctor, You can reach this Doctor if you desire here is the Email Address; [email protected] Take 1/3 tsp of the powder and mix it with 2 drops of Nigella seeds oil and consume it with water twice a day. Since, excess of everything is harmful, do not consume excess of cumin seeds. Keywords : Hair Problems, Brain Disorders, Oral problems, Skin Problems, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Cancer, Respiratory Problems, Digestive Disorders, Menopause, Hemorrhoids. Take the following herbs : Indian Spider Plant ( Safed Musli in India ) Liquorice ( Mulethi in India ) : 1 tablespoon Trailing Eclipta ( Bhringraj in India ) : 1 tablespoon Velvet Bean ( Konch in India ) : 5 tablespoons Ginger ( Adrak in India ) : 1.5 tablespoons Black Henbane ( Khurasani Ajavayan in India ) : 1 tablespoon Black Cumin ( Kala Jeera in India ) : 2 to 3 pinches Powder them together. Take the following herbs : Black Cumin : Kala Jeera : Powdered : 1/2 teaspoon Basil : Tulsi : Leaves : Crushed : 1 teaspoon Azadirachta Indica : Neem : Leaves : Crushed : 1 teaspoon Mix all ingredients. [email protected] everyone, I'm Bokang Liboko, really am thankful for what DR ABASS has done for me, i was tested HIV positive for over 7 years with no hope for cure, HIV almost took my life, i have spent allot of money for medication but all lead to no total cure until a faithful day i was browsing the internet for herbal remedy and i saw a blog on how DR ABASS cured people so i decided to contact him and he sent me his herbal with instruction how how i will take it for 30 days and to God be the glory i am totally cleansed of HIV. I also understand that he can cure DIABETES, CANCER, LOW SPERM COUNT, MENOPAUSE DISEASE, ASEPSIS, LASSA FEVER, HIV/AIDS, HERPES, ALS, and many more If you have same problem or you are having any health issue you can also contact him now with his Email: [email protected] whatsapp him on [email protected] are we sure this your Dr Abass is for real or scam. A herb can be used in powdered form, in the form of decoction or as a tincture or oil as per the conditiion or the availability. It is not recommended for pregnant women as it may result in abortion. Repeat the same on the next week but on alternative days. Take equal quantity of Black Cumin ( Kala Jeera ), Basil ( Tulsi ) leaves and Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) leaves. Take 1 tsp of powder with 12 drops of Black Cumin seeds oil and consume it with water on an empty stomach. COM Dear Anuradha Yes, you may replace the oil with powder or decoction, but, it strictly depends on the reason you wish to use it for.

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