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I had never been a cheerleader, and I guess that I was trying to capture at least a sliver of that experience by advising them and being around them.Although I kept up my studies and grades, by the time I began my junior year, I was a total submissive, slut, party girl who was regularly fucking Kevin and eight of his friends. Matt was five years younger than me but he always seemed to be the mature one. Here I was thirty four years old and I felt like I was starting over again. In the evenings I would break out the wine and have a few glasses. My brother Matt stopped over one Saturday afternoon. Fucking all those boys, who had no feelings for me, fueled my feelings of submissiveness, and I loved being used and degraded by them to suck their cocks and to be a fuck sleeve for them, fulfilling my role as their little whore and cum dump.

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Matt pushed all the way in and rested his erect member inside me. It enhanced his ego to be able to share me with others, and he loved to watch me being fucked.He had a large group of slacker friends who partied all the time. I had taken to not wearing a bra whenever possible. I think I liked the idea that my baby brother was looking me over. You should have no problems finding another man," he said to me. I've been so horny." Matt got this strange face on. I waited a good five minutes when Matt stood at the doorway.

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