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''These people wouldn't live here if they had anywhere else to go,'' said Sister Patricia."They come from every state in Nigeria and every country in West Africa.

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Even when they are the proprietors of their own homes, many slum dwellers do not think that their dwellings are worth registering for formal land titles.

Ms Akintimehin points out the local sights: a school with no windows and 9,000 pupils and, next door, the Sambot Hotel, which is a brothel.

"Like everything else here, sex is a commodity", said Sister Patricia."There's lots of prostitution. They sell their bodies to get kids through school." The nuns - two Nigerian and two Irish - run a leadership course which deals with everything from inter-personal to community relations.

Under the same roof, on either side of a dank corridor which runs the length of a typical single-storey boarding house, are 21 other families. But the Nwokochas consider themselves lucky: some families live a dozen to a small room.

''Things aren't too bad because my husband has a job with a shipping company," said Mrs Nwokocha.

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