Online vs traditional dating senior dating match

And the last thing I want to do is give you studies that suggest otherwise. 🙂 “The separation and divorce rates for folks who’d paired up online was much higher than their offline compatriots, and more online-founded relationships tended to end within a year after the survey.

But this Engadget synopsis of a Michigan State/Stanford study suggests that online dating leads to more break-ups than meeting in real-life. Is states that those who met on the web were more likely to date than actually marry compared to people that’d met IRL, too — by more than double.” The study doesn’t get more specific than that, so we’re left here to interpret the lack of data for ourselves, through the lens of our own biases.

This is largely due to the fact that women are outperforming men educationally and professionally.Whereas people who date online know that members of the opposite sex are abundant.It’s never fun to get dumped by someone who met you online, but if you do, you can activate your profile and have a date the next night, quite easily.IRL one may get a better, more accurate sense of the person.Dating websites give you a much better opportunity to build a foundation first, before you ever go out on a date.

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