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Sure, Siri can do a lot of the same things Google can (e.g., “where’s my car,” “tell me what song this is”), but there’s no doubt that Google just does a lot of this stuff better. That’s where the conversation ends for me - meaning I will be using Siri. Many of the people I text on a regular basis have i Phones, meaning I do tend be a heavier use of SMS than dedicated chat services.Anyway, I guess I could use the Assistant app for i OS if I really wanted, but I can’t say I see that happening much. Switching to an i Phone means those conversations now support rich integration for media, web and app links, and (groan) animoji.The occasions where I’ve been handed one, asked to look something up or to respond to a text while someone was driving, were often a little confounding.Getting around i OS was just different enough that brief, two or three minute-long experiences never quite got me used to it.I know the rest of the world doesn’t work this way.My world, however, does, and i Message has been a very pleasant experience so far.Eventually, I decided to change that and bought myself an i Pad Air, and the next year an i Pad Air 2.

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I plan to share those thoughts in a series of five posts (I promise, we’re not becoming the Apple Police) over that time, starting with this one, and culminating in a larger reflection on how the whole thing went.

The same went for a good number of other bundled applications. I’m not interested in Apple’s take on apps that already serve my needs effectively (Inbox, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Photos), unless I’m otherwise forced to use them (e.g., Siri, i Message).

Aside from some of Google’s apps not yet adopting the i Phone X’s 18:9 layout, I’ve found that being a Google user on i OS is totally fine.

Sometimes I would go on AT&T’s website and look at the 3GS some more, only to once again face the cold, hard reality that I did not have 0 - plus sales tax and activation fee - to spend on a phone.

When I say I’ve never used an i Phone, I don’t mean I’ve never held one or played around with one for a few minutes. But I do mean that I’ve never actually used one for any extended period of time (even more than 15 minutes), let alone used one as my personal phone.

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