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Finally, Sissi recovers and rejoins her husband on an official visit to Milan and Venice, Austria's remaining possessions in northern Italy.Nationalists have prepared a hostile welcome for the Habsburg sovereigns; the Milanese nobility send their servants, dressed in noble clothing, to a royal command performance at La Scala, at which the orchestra begins with the melody of Joseph Haydn's Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser but smoothly transitions to Verdi's chorus "Va pensiero," from Nabucco and the disguised servants in the audience sing it in protest against Austrian rule.There is a moment of comic relief when, after the opera, Franz Josef and Sissi receive the disguised servants at a formal reception, where the servants are presented to the imperial couple under the names of their aristocratic masters and mistresses.Sissi is aware that she is not meeting the true nobility, but when the real nobles realize their servants were introduced to the emperor and empress, they shriek in despair and panic at the idea that the imperial couple believe the awkward, common servants were really the aristocrats.Ernst Marischka planned at least one more "Sissi" film, but Romy Schneider refused to participate in it despite the urging of her mother, Magda Schneider, who portrays Sissi's mother Princess Ludovika in all three films of the existing trilogy.Sissi lebt zurückgezogen vom Wiener Hofzeremoniell in Gödöllő, Ungarn.

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In one scene for a very short moment you can clearly see a car passing by far between two houses.

To keep Sissi inactive, her room in Ischl is locked from outside, but Sissi escapes through a window.

She goes to the wood, and when she is fishing in a river, the Emperor Franz Joseph passes by in his royal carriage. Colonel Böckl is watching Sissi climbing out of a window of her bedroom where she has been locked just before by her mother and now wants to get and and go fishing.

In Venice, crowds stand in hostile silence at the couple's procession by royal barge on the Grand Canal and as they pass, Italian nationalist flags are defiantly unfurled from behind shuttered windows.

But the emotional Italians melt when they witness the openly loving reunion between Sissi and her little daughter on St Mark's Square.

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