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Innisai - Godfather has a bit from Arunachalam's Nagumo. couldn't recollect the name I think it is - "Back To the Rivers" (Not sure) The initial BGM reminded me the initial scores of ARR in KAADHAL DESAM.

listen Innisai - Godfather from to its the same with Arunachalam - Nagumo from to no wonder taht part sounded awefully familar :lol:guys...

I googled and found this review Padayappa(1999), pls check kattu.. I heard this bgm in Nayagan played during three telegu brothers device a heist to bring down Kamal.

is kinda mix of Hindu and Muslim religious tune, but it completes the task of usual Rajini's morale booster. U-Turn was released in 1997 but Ennio Morricone has been in the Hollywood market for more than 40 years so I am not sure who inspired whom.

Extrapolating the idea of 'a tune of 2/3 words sounding similar' is a mega grey area that you'd find almost any given song with such instances.

As far Khalbali and its so called inspiration from the track by Transglobal Underground, I do not see any similarity at all. infact the structure of lyrics itself is vastly different in both the songs.

The master, on the other hand, did the reverse -- slow paced original converted to fast paced imitation (also a very good one).

Kaakha Kaaka was the one album I thought HJ did a great job. Hopefully "Ennai konjam" is original, but you never know.I do understand that such a small spark could inspire a composer to extend the inspiration in his own way and create a song afresh.But, this is where one needs to give the composer the benefit of doubt.the only portion where the syllables and sounds matches is - nagarum neruppai i dream of rain apart from that very different.and khalbali, i think there is a mild similarity due to the arabian flavour of the song.nothing else apart from that :)Any lay man can a realise a copy when he listens to Desert rose and uyirin uyire..

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