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There are no evidence-based recommendations for optimal hormonal treatment regimens for transsexuals, but there are a number of expert opinions in the literature (1, 2, 3, 4).As yet, there are no recommendations as to what age cross-sex hormone administration must be continued.By contrast, the risk of endometrial carcinoma increases with estrogen replacement therapy, while HRT reduces the risk of endometrial carcinoma.These clinical findings suggest that the biological roles of estrogen and progestin in tumor development are different between the endometrium and the breast, even though both are considered ‘estrogen-dependent tissues’ (6).The authors have been contacted by other physicians with regard to medical occurrences in transsexuals, but these cases are often lost in follow-up and registration/reporting of (potential) complications of cross-sex hormonal treatment does not materialize.

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After reassignment surgery, which includes gonadectomy, hormone therapy must be continued.

Recently, a website has been opened for reporting side effects of cross-sex hormone treatment (

This contribution focuses on the risk of development of hormone-dependent malignancies in transsexuals.

The biology of hormone-dependent tumors differs from tissue to tissue.

The Women's Health Initiative Study has recently demonstrated that women receiving estrogen plus progestin hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have an increased risk of invasive breast carcinoma, but women receiving estrogen only (estrogen replacement therapy) exhibit no increased risk of breast carcinoma (5).

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