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For more information on subscribing or to access online PDF copy, In addition to s, the Chart Supplement and the Safety Alerts/Charting Notices page of the Aeronautical Information Services website are also useful to pilots.

Aeronautical information changes rapidly, so it is important that pilots check the effective dates on each aeronautical chart and publication.

Your experience as a pilot is valuable and your feedback is important.

We make every effort to display accurate information on all 20910-3281 Telephone Toll-Free 1-800-638-8972 E-mail: [email protected] reference purposes the 12 October 2017 Edition of the Aeronautical Chart User's Guide is available in a PDF format for download.

A new feature to the Online Chart Users Guide is this What's New section which will highlight new charting symbology and other changes to charts.

The following charting items have been added to the Online Chart Users Guide since the Guide was last published in 2011: NEW Series of VFR Charts - Caribbean VFR Aeronautical Charts Caribbean VFR Aeronautical Charts 1 and 2 (CAC-1 and CAC-2) are designed for visual navigation to assist familiarization of foreign aeronautical and topographic information.

Light blue also represents the connecting waters like bays, gulfs, sounds and large estuaries.

Exceptionally large lakes like the Great Lakes, Great Salt Lake, and Lake Okeechobee, etc., are considered Open Water features.

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A brief description next to a small black square indicates the exact location for many of the landmarks easily recognized from the air, such as stadiums, pumping stations, refineries, etc.CAC-2 is revised biennially and consists of two sides measuring 20" x 60" each.Starting in 2016, the FAA CARIBBEAN VFR Aeronautical Charts were first published, replacing the discontinued WACs, parts of CH-25, CJ-26, and CJ-27, with CJ-27's last effective date of 1 February 2018 and CJ-26 last effective date of 29 March 2018.Aeronautical Chart User's Guide - Visual Charting Products Only Edition The PDF version of the CUG is the preferred version if you are planning to print out materials from the CUG.The chart legend includes aeronautical symbols and information about drainage, terrain, the contour of the land, and elevation.

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