Updating satellite receiver firmware

If done correctly, as with the PS3, firmware updates to HDTVs via the Internet can be painless, instill a sense of confidence, and ward off obsolescence.If you've ever appreciated the added functionality or performance after a PS3 or satellite box update, you know what I mean. Should firmware updates be available directly to HDTVs, or are they too confusing for the average user? The firmware update, again available only via download to a USB drive and only to people who knew about it, fixed that issue, improving the performance of the TV .

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Mke this your "Default printer" and In the image on the right, you see the backside of a Strong SRT 8000. Connect the other end of that cable to the printer-port of your PC.I think HDTVs that connect to the Internet should also allow firmware updates.Among HDTV makers, I suspect Samsung will be the first to offer an "update" service on its Internet-connected HDTVs.In the meanwhile a new model, the SRT8100, is taking it's place.The procedure below is suitable for these models as well, only they DO require a different version of the firmware.

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